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Merry Frons, LCSW, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in New York City specializing in relationship issues for couples and individuals. She is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, AASECT certified sex therapist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology as well as a Certified Imago relationship therapist. She is certified in EMDR and trained in clinical hypnosis.

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Couples Counseling and Therapy

She has helped couples overcome the rough patches in their relationships to move from disappointment to rebuilding a union with increased love, support, intimacy and respect.

Imago Therapy is one technique that teaches specific, easily learned strategies that allows couples to communicate in a safe, effective way that resolves conflicts and increases intimacy.

We also use techniques and teachings from family systems, psychodynamic and object relations theory as well as the cognitive restructuring techniques of CBT and DBT, the information procesessing of EMDR, Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and techniques from Merry's post graduate work in clinical sexuality.

Fifty Shades of Grey Again

I wrote a post about Fifty Shades of Grey a week ago when Maureen Dowd commented on the book in her column in The New York Times. Everyone is talking about its rapid ascent to the top of the bestseller list. The fact that the main characters engage in a sexual relationship that involves bondage . . . → Read More: Fifty Shades of Grey Again

Living Together Before Marriage – Does It Help Prevent Divorce?

Many people in their 20’s believe that living together before they marry is a good way to prevent divorce. But is this true? Current statistics reveal that more than half of all marriages will be preceded by cohabitation. The cohabitation effect is the name researchers have given to the fact that couples tend to be . . . → Read More: Living Together Before Marriage – Does It Help Prevent Divorce?

Dating Site for Married/Committed Couples – a Cure for “Groundhog Day”?

One of the stresses on marriages or long term relationships is what one couple termed “ground-hog day,” like the Bill Murray movie where one day continuously repeats itself. In the case of couples it’s the never-ending balancing act of work and family chores. There’s always the kids’ lunch boxes to pack , dirty dishes, laundry . . . → Read More: Dating Site for Married/Committed Couples – a Cure for “Groundhog Day”?

Does Couples Therapy Work?

A client reported a comment she heard from a therapist, “Couples’ therapy doesn’t work.” I was sure that the remark had been altered in translation and probably had been uttered by a therapist who got out when things got rough. I’m sure that many clients wonder when they set up their first appointment for couples’ . . . → Read More: Does Couples Therapy Work?

It Matters More Than You Know

Do you get coffee for your partner or spouse in the morning? How often to you show affection to your partner? Generosity in your relationship matters more than you know. Those are the findings of a a recent study of 2,870 men and women in the Virginia National Marriage Project reported in the New York . . . → Read More: It Matters More Than You Know

Sometimes Darkness

When I was writing my dissertation I had to make a definition of terms page so that the specific meaning of the way I was using terms would be clearly understood. When I read the NY Times Modern Love Column on Sunday Novemember 27th, I thought of the meanings for the word “love.” I thought . . . → Read More: Sometimes Darkness

Affair Proof Your Relationship

What is it that keeps some relationships connected and faithful and others struggling with the devastation of infidelity? Tammy Nelson’s article in the Huffington Post provides some tips that are helpful to keep things on track. Dr. Nelson identifies opportunity as the number one reason that one has an affair. I would say that opportunities . . . → Read More: Affair Proof Your Relationship

After the affair – both sides

Many of the unhappiest couples to enter my office are struggling with the after effects of an affair. When I see the misery in their eyes I can almost hear them thinking that they wish they could just turn back the clock. Yesterday’s NY Times article was written from the perspective of someone who had . . . → Read More: After the affair – both sides

Facebook and the Green-eyed Monster

Does Facebook contribute to jealousy and other relationship problems? The answer according to recent research studies says that it does. How can one use social networking and not experience problems in their primary relationship? Open communication is key. Let your partner know who you’re communicating with. Don’t use facebook in a way that it functions . . . → Read More: Facebook and the Green-eyed Monster

Are You a Retrosexual?

An article in the Boston Phoenix by Deidre Fulton, has added yet another word to the internet generation cultural-sexual lexicon. Retrosexual is the new term for people who reconnect with someone from their past (high school sweetheart, college crush) and the reunion becomes romantic or physical.

Therapists’ offices are filling with couples who are finding . . . → Read More: Are You a Retrosexual?

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